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Here we GROW Again!

Thank you for visiting today. There is much going on behind the scenes and behind the screen, and most of all, we'll be creating an updated website experience for you soon. We appreciate you and your interest, and if you have any questions, inquiries or opportunities for Ana to respond to, please EMAIL her:

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Hi Friends.


My name is Ana Hernando, and as a National Board Certified Occupational Therapist, Holistic Healthcare Practictioner and Medical Intuitive, I've spent my lifetime studying, training, teaching and sharing from my heart and soul about the powerful magnificence that is the human experience. 


I'm passionate about solution-creating, and it's my greatest desire to empower and collaborate with people to create the solutions that help them live the life they imagine - and beyond.


The plethora of information available to people in the mainstream is often confusing and overwhelming.  My goal is to utilize my soul-inspired gifts to assist people with awareness, information, tools and resources to heal not just their amazing bodies, but also their hearts and minds while integrating their souls. 

I invite you come in, determine what you seek, and let's see if I can't somehow support you in your desired outcomes. I look forward to the possibilities and to knowing you.


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