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I became a healthcare provider to empower people to know how to master their lives and their health; this is my passion and the purpose that fuels me.  With extensive education, training and experience, I feel that this is best achieved outside of the traditional medical model. The plethora of information available to people in the mainstream is often confusing and overwhelming.  My goal is to utilize my soul-inspired gifts to assist people with awareness, information, tools and resources to heal not just their amazing bodies, but also their hearts and minds while integrating with their souls.

A snapshot of my years of formal education and training include:

  • Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology - 1994;

  • Master's of Occupational Therapy -1997;

  • MBA - 2002; 

  • Certified through the National Board for Certification for Occupational Therapists;

  • Hold a Texas State license for occupational therapy

**These certifications require ongoing training and continuing education courses which help me stay up on all the latest and greatest possibilities in supporting you.​


I have worked with clients of all ages from 10 months to 102 years old.


My clinical experiences led me to study and specialize in sensory processing, conscious awareness and wellness.  I am a certified Sensory Learning Specialist, a Reiki Master, Access BARS® Practitioner, a PSYCH-K Facilitator, an LCI Certified Life Coach and a Certified Self-Talk Trainer, as well as a professional Speaker.


When people decide, intend and then focus on improving their mind, body and spirit, they find their Holistic Solutions. That's where I'd love to partner with you in your health and wellness journey.


Contact me today for your complimentary consultation to discover how you can get your power back and elevate your life and health!

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Personally, I'm a wife of 27 years, a mother of two amazing young adults, "person" to two, four-legged furry dogs and a lover of all things beach and the ocean.

When I'm not helping people elevate their lives, I can be found running, dancing, meditating, reading or enjoying nature from the cradle of my backyard hammock. 

Reserve time for YOU:

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