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What people have to say about working with Ana...


"We love it when Ana comes to visit. She exudes calm and peacefulness, is very professional and explains everything she does and why. We have already passed on the information to several friends and family members."  
Rachel Gilbert

"My teenage daughter had a reaction to a skin care product she bought at the grocery store. It just happened to be 2 days before Christmas! She was refusing to participate in family celebrations because of how she looked and she was in pain.  Ana came to the rescue. I sent Ana the picture of my daughter's face. With in minutes Ana recommended what we needed to do to help her skin immediately. The next morning her face was perfect! Mindy Bruce

"Ana Hernando is AMAZING!! Stop your research and book several sessions with Ana right now!!! She’s prepared, clear, deep, initiative, intentional and very passionate about helping you get your breakthrough!!!! She’s one of the most remarkable people that I know. She will give you insight into yourself that will give you clarity for your journey."
Delatorro McNeal II
"Ana's intuitive approach to helping my daughter eliminate the pain she had been dealing with daily, was a lifesaver. The medical community had given up and I was at a total loss of how to help her. Ana discovered the problem immediately and has continued to work with her to keep her pain away. We are so happy now!"  Tammie Pruitt 

"Ana's gifts are truly Source inspired and granted, and she hones, practices and trusts the wisdom she translates every single day. Her broad wealth of information, education, understanding, years of study and practice, numerous designations and accolades makes her one of the most well-versed professional holistic and integrative healing practitioners I know. She is my go-to every time. " Rhonda Burns


"My husband and I worked with Ana separately for different issues and were pleasantly surprised in all the solutions she offered that helped us find better ways of living. Ana is very educated in many different areas of health and wellness and we highly recommend her!" Kim Black

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